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“We have seen a significant increase in our sales that goes beyond the first click. This is an increase that we can tie back to the search campaigns run by our partners at Nina Hale, Inc.” — John Schroeder, Retail Business Intelligence Manager, Room & Board


Nina Hale Inc is a Minneapolis search engine marketing and paid search advertising agency. We truly believe that if you don’t love search, like really love the geeky, tweaky, constant evolution of search engine marketing, you just won’t succeed. We’ve gathered some of the best search marketers in Minneapolis. We love search, we have great clients, and we work hard to make them money. NHI is a Minneapolis search engine marketing and paid search advertising agency.

What We Do

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Whether you’re starting a site redesign or you just want better search rankings for an existing site, Nina Hale, Inc. can help with your SEO. We have years of experience in the three crucial elements in SEO: content, technical, and link building. Lots of people can stuff a website full of keywords; then they wonder why it didn’t work.

Paid Placement: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
Pay-per-click advertising is a different beast from SEO. It’s evolved past the search engine home pages into highly targeted display, text, and video ads across the internet and social media. The core is that you only pay for the ads when someone clicks to your site. Nina Hale, Inc. is a Google AdWords Certified Partner with 11 Google AdWords certified team members.

Analytics & Reporting
We love search marketing most when we can measure and optimize SEM campaigns. Analytics programs can precisely measure search engine optimization, social media and PPC, and we ensure that measurement is a part of all engagements. Nina Hale Inc. also offers training and consulting for Google Analytics. We currently have 19 Google Analytics certified employees.

Content Marketing
Content marketing creates and develops relevant content for attracting and engaging a client’s target audience, establishing industry authority, and driving an established conversion with revenue goal. We offer content audits,strategy, editorial calendars, mapping, and content promotion. Content metrics within analytics determines success and new areas of opportunity.

SEM for Agencies
We offer our services for both SEO and PPC for agencies, designers, and developers looking for search marketing expertise.

Local Search
Over 10% of searches are for local listings. Google + Local business listings, geo-targeting, and map listings are vital components to SEO and PPC campaigns for many companies.