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This Week in Search: 1.23.15

By — January 23rd, 2015

How can you create the most compelling ad copy? What is the future of Facebook’s video advertising strategy? The answer to these questions and more in this week’s newsletter.

Using the Buying Cycle to Write Compelling Ad Copy

By — January 23rd, 2015

Whether you’re fresh out of college as an emerging marketing professional or a pay-per-click (PPC) guru, you’ve heard of the buying cycle. It has many aliases such as: the marketing funnel, the purchase funnel, or even the buying cyclone, but […]

This Week in Search: 1.16.15

By — January 16th, 2015

Why should search engine marketing remain an important part of your marketing mix? How does Google’s latest update make a cross-channel content strategy more important than ever? The answers to these questions and more in this week’s newsletter.

2015 Digital Marketing Trends

By — January 9th, 2015

Happy New Year! With 2015 already underway, it’s time to get serious about planning for the year. What are the biggest trends you should keep an eye on? What new tactics should you add to your marketing mix? To help […]

2014 Reflection: Google Search Edition

By — December 30th, 2014

How can you easily gain insight into the interests, preferences, and demographics of your consumers? Analyze their search behavior, and identify the trends that are popular in your target market, industry, and region. If you’re not sure where to start gathering this data, […]

2014 Year in Review

By — December 19th, 2014

Happy holidays from Nina Hale, Inc.! 2014 was another exciting year in our world of digital marketing. We saw the development of incredible new platforms and tools, capitalized on the power of content marketing, experienced mobile search overtaking desktop for […]

Digital Marketing Year in Review: Analytics

By — December 19th, 2014

In 2014, new features in Google Analytics and the rise of Google Tag Manager changed the way we measure websites, making analytics configuration more accessible to analysts and increasing the quality and quantity of data we are able to collect. […]

Digital Marketing Year in Review: Paid Media

By — December 19th, 2014

As we look back on 2014, it definitely seems like the paid media landscape has changed more in the past 12 months than any other year prior. As usual, we have new technologies, new ad types, algorithm changes and more […]

This Week in Search: 12.12.14

By — December 12th, 2014

What exactly is retargeting and how does it work? How did Google break its traditional holiday SEO promise? The answers to these questions and more in this week’s newsletter. 

3 Social Media Marketing Considerations for 2015

By — December 10th, 2014

As 2014 winds down, there have already been dozens and dozens of “top trends for 2015″ articles and blog posts attempting to predict what will be big in the social space next year: from paid, to content, to video, to measurement. […]

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