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2012 Olympics – Links to 12 Official Websites, Hashtags and Apps

Thursday, July 26th, 2012



Bob Costas became the lead announcer for the Olympics in 1992 when cell phones were large, bulky and SLOW and expensive. (all have improved, with the exception of the expense – unlimited data plans are ridiculous!).

Jump ahead 20 years, and they’ve become must have accessories for approximately 83% of American adults – of which approximately 50-53% own smart phones according to the Pew Internet Project & Nielsen.  Smart phone adoption rate since the last summer games in ’08 has been astronomical – it’s up from just 19% in 2009!

This will be the first time the games can be real time in the palm of the hands of over half the US population.

Here’s a quick list of official links to bookmark, follow or download (quick!) to keep up on the results from each event:

Important Websites


Twitter Hashtags & Feeds







Apps  (there are 3 available!!)


Like many, I will become absorbed in Olympic mayhem come Friday.  I will be watching the opening ceremonies for sure (can anything top Beijing?), and following old favorites like Phelps & the Williams sisters and watching the newest Olympians take the podium.  No longer do I have to wait for Bob Costas to give me the highlights after the evening news.  My iPhone and iPad are all I need.   Now, if only Twitter can keep up…



How do you plan on following your favorite events & athletes?  Have you found any good ones to add to this list?

Minnesota AMA – Mark Schaefer’s Keynote on Influence Marketing

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Yesterday, I had the honor of speaking at the Minnesota AMA Annual Conference, and the pleasure of listening to a great presentation by Mark Schaefer, influence marketing expert and author of Return on Influence, which explores “how brands are identifying and leveraging the world’s most powerful bloggers, tweeters and YouTube celebrities to build product awareness, brand buzz and new sales.”

A constant theme throughout the day’s keynotes and breakout sessions was the growing importance of great content, and Schaefer offered some valuable direction on content creation. In his marketing courses at Rutgers University, he encourages students to create content that is RITE.

  • Relevant
  • Interesting
  • Timely, and
  • Entertaining

For his book, Schaefer interviewed Michael Brito from Edelman Digital about the concept of RITE content, and Brito advises that relevant content is appropriate in terms of audience and platform, and adds value to the conversation. Also, the content must align with the nature of the conversation – are people voicing opinions, asking questions, looking for recommendations?

Brito feels that anyone can create interesting content, providing they can put their own unique spin on whatever it is they write. “How does the subject relate to you – your observations, your experiences, your life, your stories?” asks Brito. “This isn’t narcissism; it’s the soul of originality.”

In his book, Schaefer offers the following ideas to ensure timely content creation:

  • Utilize people and resources to stay on top of developments in your industry
  • Subscribe to blogs, journals and newsletters in your field and read them daily
  • Try to be first to comment (tweet, post or otherwise) on breaking news, developments
  • Make connections between  those developments and implications for your customers

Entertaining content need not be silly, but it should be memorable, says Schaefer. He suggests using photos, video and humor to entice people to read and remember your content. Entertaining content is also more likely to be shared.

Among other memorable takeaways, Schaefer urged AMA attendees to stop thinking of customers and potential customers in terms of B2B or B2C, but rather in terms of P2P – people to people, and to recognize the potential to connect not only with a primary audience, but also the “audiences of that audience.”

Read more from Mark Schaefer at his company website, Schaefer Marketing Solutions.

How to Add Self-Serve Placement Ads on YouTube

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Are you going crazy trying to find out where to login and add YouTube videos to your media plan? Have you gone crazy trying to find it when maybe you even used it before and why in the world is it so hard to find? (not that I’m talking from experience, it must have just been the fever that kept me home for the past two days.) Your search is over, here is where to find videos on YouTube to place your ads on:

When you login to YouTube to use it’s placement tool, you can get more specific and in-depth with choosing specific users, channels, and videos to show ads on. Their Video Placement Tool. Once you’ve created this media plan, then you connect it with your Google AdWords account and the ad placements import in. One problem through that is also frustrating is that I can’t figure out how to select some as specific negatives prior to launch – the interface won’t let me, AdWords Editor won’t let me. I’m creating one for a client (The Pillar Procedure) who has a procedure to stop snoring and I can’t believe how many people post videos of thier dogs snoring. The benefit of doing this is YouTube is that rather than targeting just by keyword or channel which are your options from Google AdWords, within YouTube you can drill down to specific videos. Another dog related example. I’m running ads for a client (Irish Setter) for their new rubber hunting boots, and wanted to target videos of hunting and deer hunters, but lots of people post tribute videos of pets killed by hunters, or post videos of deer in their back yard, which isn’t the audience I want even if those videos might be in the Hunting and Shooting category.

What is exciting is that with the inline ads that show at the bottom of the video for about 30 seconds, we’re getting great clickthrough and conversion rates even though they interrupt the video. We always pair them with a compainion square banner ad in the upper corner because I figure “why would I click on the ad, I’m here to watch the video” but after it’s over, the banner is there to click to the site.

And then you may say “but Nina, is this search engine marketing?” to which we say “well, YouTube is the second largest search engine.” And also more importantly, the new targeting features that search engines are creating for their advertising networks takes SEM into a new realm of Paid Placement: highly targeted pay-for-performance advertising based on keyword and shown interests. Booya! (I am feeling all this hunting testosterone).

  1. 1.  Create a shell adgroup in Google AdWords (you can do this in YouTube but if you do the shell first you can have it paused on creation – if you create it while importing you’ll have to go back into AdWords to pause it.)
  2. 2.  Start with creating a new YouTube account based on that client’s main login to AdWords.
  3. 3.  Choose your placements on YouTube
  4. 4.  Sync them to the shell adgroup in your Google AdWords account
  5. 5.  Launch and optimize