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“As a consultant and a person, Nina operates with unvarnished integrity. She’s an honest communicator, knows her material, and puts the needs of her clients above all. Whether you’re a big firm or a small organization, I would give her an unqualified recommendation.” — Sam Richter, Former President James J. Hill Reference Library

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Owned Media: Content, SEO, and the Algorithm

Friday, March 21st, 2014

On Friday, March 21, two of the members of our SEO team greeted an audience of our clients, friends, and Minneapolis digital marketers with a presentation about the current state of the Google algorithm. Search Marketing Manager Jake McCormick and Senior Content Specialist Katie Pennell chatted with our audience about content marketing and presented some best practices for optimizing your owned media.


Google Loves Content

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Content and GoogleWhat exactly does Google do? How has it changed? How will Google evolve? Will robots eventually rule the world? More importantly, what does all this information mean to content creation and, ultimately, KPIs?

This March, Search Marketing Manager Jake McCormick and Senior Content Marketing Specialist Katie Pennell answer these questions and more!


5 Winning Technical Tactics for Killer eCommerce SEO

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014


5 Winning Technical Tactics for eCommerce SEO

Flaming sword photo by R’lyeh Imaging

Amazon. eBay. Google Shopping. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in eCommerce SEO.

Competing against this holy trinity, and often yourself, is frustrating for eCommerce sites of all sizes. But even the holy trinity of eCommerce traffic hoarders can be smote through a potent combination of content and technical SEO strategies.


Press Release: Nina Hale, Inc. Becomes BrightEdge’s Second Certified Agency

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Nina Hale, Inc., (NHI) a digital marketing and search agency located in Minneapolis, MN, announces that it is now a BrightEdge certified agency.


Ok Google, how should I write my awesome content?

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

A POV by Nina Hale, CEO of Nina Hale, Inc. about Natural Language Processing

Last week I wrote a POV on the importance (or lack thereof) of social media on SEO rankings. In it, I mentioned natural language processing, and a lot of people have been asking for more detail.


How Important is Social Media to SEO? It’s Complicated.

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

A POV by Nina Hale, CEO of Nina Hale, Inc.


Increasingly social media has become a factor in Search Engine Optimization. There have been theories and studies examining how closely search engines—especially Google—track social signals as part of its algorithm. Social signals are important reporting features in SEO tools like BrightEdge and Conductor SearchLight, and at Nina Hale, Inc. we’ve produced strong case study results based on building social media designed for SEO. 


Search and Social Marketing Predictions for 2014

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

2014 predictions 1

To celebrate the start of the New Year, the experts at Nina Hale, Inc. identified the biggest and most anticipated digital marketing predictions for 2014. From the rise of channel integration to shifts in social strategy, here is what NHI envisions taking center stage in 2014.


The Year In Search: Top 5 Biggest Search Marketing Changes from 2013

Friday, December 20th, 2013

 Nina Hale, Inc's review of the year in search marketing for 2013

2013 was a year of significant change and development in the world of search marketing – from Google’s algorithm shifts, to updates of various digital advertising interfaces, to the monetization of social platforms, there was no shortage of digital news to keep up with. As we look back on the year, the Nina Hale, Inc. team identified the top five biggest game-changers in 2013, one for each of our practice areas: SEO, PPC, Content, Social, and Analytics.


Planning for Content Marketing Success in 2014

Thursday, November 21st, 2013
Content Marketing Success Word Cloud

Image by Flickr user DigitalRalph


The Content Marketing Institute (CMI), Marketing Profs, and Brightcove recently teamed up to publish an overview of the state of content marketing in North America, and the resulting report provided an in-depth look at how far B2B content marketing has progressed in just one year.

More B2B marketers (93%) used content marketing in 2013, and a greater number than last year thought their efforts were effective. The most effective organizations have at least one person devoted to content marketing strategy, and those same companies utilized a variety of tactics and social media platforms.

On the B2C content marketing front, the CMI recently reported that 90% of B2C marketers use content as part of their marketing mix, but more than half of those surveyed said they didn’t have a documented strategy for their content marketing efforts.

So, what’s your plan for content marketing success in 2014?


How to Use Keyword Research to Find Out Who Killed JFK

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013
We search for Who Killed JFK?

Look at the facts for yourself… or just turn to Google.


As the Content Marketing Manager here at Nina Hale, Inc., part of my job is honing in on solutions based on which terms people type into search engines. Accordingly, since we’re approaching the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, I decided to spend my lunch break solving one of the 20th century’s greatest mysteries — who killed JFK? — using Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner.