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“We have seen a significant increase in our sales that goes beyond the first click. This is an increase that we can tie back to the search campaigns run by our partners at Nina Hale, Inc.” — John Schroeder, Retail Business Intelligence Manager, Room & Board

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Press Release: Nina Hale, Inc. Becomes BrightEdge’s Second Certified Agency

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Nina Hale, Inc., (NHI) a digital marketing and search agency located in Minneapolis, MN, announces that it is now a BrightEdge certified agency.


Nina Hale will be a 100% ESOP

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

A message from Nina Hale

It gives me great joy and pride to announce that on January 1 of 2014, I will take one of the most important moves in the history of Nina Hale, Inc.

On that day, the company will become a 100% ESOP.  An ESOP is short for employee stock ownership plan. The Nina Hale, Inc. ESOP is a 15-year plan that will release 1/15 of the total ownership of the company each year to eligible employees in a new, additional retirement account. Employees pay nothing for the stock. Stock is released each year, thus employees who stay with the company longer will receive more of the total stock. Each year if the company continues to succeed and meets the long-term goals that we have identified, the stock will go up in value. Once employees retire, or leave, their stock converts to cash in their retirement accounts.         

I started NHI eight years ago, never anticipating that we’d grow to our current 35 employees, or our eventual goal of 50. Many of the employees took a chance on coming to work for me when I was a small start-up in somewhat sketchy office spaces. Through hard work and dedication to our clients, we’ve grown the company together. Now the time has come to share that success with my employees. I am always humbled by the commitment of the NHI staff, and thrilled at the stellar results we have achieved time and time again.

What will this mean to our clients?

NHI already has very low turnover, especially for our industry. We pay competitive wages, have a culture of respect, and believe in work-life balance. We have always focused on hiring the best and brightest minds – people who are driven to succeed and are passionate about their craft. The financial benefits of the ESOP should be a compelling reason for current employees to stay with NHI, and will make the company even more desirable to potential employees. And of course we all know that a company succeeds by providing exceptional results. Our clients should benefit from even more commitment and retention of the teams. To quote a much overused cliche, this is taking it to 11.

I am not leaving the company.

I will continue on in my current role of CEO, and Donna Robinson will stay on as President. While I hope to scale back some of my hours over five or more years, there should be no discernible drop in my work with clients or my role of strategic identification and integration of new directions in digital marketing. In fact I will become one of the beneficiaries of the new ESOP plan, and my own future finances are still highly dependent on company success. 

Thank you.

Thanks to all of you for your support over the years. If you are a client, you should see even more commitment from the NHI team. If you aren’t a client, we hope that someday you will become one, or that you refer potential clients to us. I am so proud of what this company has achieved and hope to see even more exceptional results well into the future. 


It’s Bring In Your Parents (and Family and Friends) Day at NHI

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Look who’s here! It’s our moms, dads, brothers, sisters and more!

Bring In Your Parents at Nina Hale Inc

Welcome, Parents and Families!

We’re participating in LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents day, which encourages companies worldwide to acknowledge a huge influence on their business and culture: employees’ families. At Nina Hale Inc., we know that our folks don’t always understand what we do every day — have you ever tried to describe SEO to a loved one? — but we are always willing to share. This event gives us the opportunity to show our families what we work on every day so we don’t have to bring home Powerpoint presentations at Thanksgiving.


Searching for Affordable Care – Health Care BUZZ Event

Monday, October 21st, 2013
ACA healthcare exchanges by state: how are they doing?

Dark green: states operating their own health care exchanges
Light green: States establishing federal-state partner exchanges
Grey: Defaulting to federal exchange
Source: Wikimedia commons

Health care in America is undergoing its most significant change in decades due to the Affordable Care Act and the opening of health insurance marketplaces or “exchanges” in many states.


Nina Hale, Inc. BUZZ: Local Strategy & Tactics

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013



Josef Severson here, and I’d like to invite you to the next Nina Hale, Inc. BUZZ event this Wednesday, 8/21, at 8:15 am. Jump over to our eventbrite page and register today! 


Nina Hale, Inc. Announces Promotions and New Hires

Monday, August 5th, 2013

 Best Place to Work

Nina Hale, Inc. (NHI), a 2013 “Best Place to Work” award recipient, excels in its ability to retain and recruit top talent that meets the agency’s exacting standards. Today, Nina Hale, Inc. is pleased to announce both the promotion of two employees and the addition of two new members to the NHI team. (more…)

Nina Hale, Inc. Recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Best Place to Work

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Nina Hale, Inc. has been named one of Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal‘s “Best Places to Work” for the third consecutive year. This is Minnesota’s longest running best workplaces award as the Journal has been ranking the state’s top companies for the past fifteen years. The list of companies who receive this award is determined by anonymous employee surveys administered and collected by Quantum Workplace. In these surveys, employees are asked a variety of questions spanning from those pertaining to work environment, to typical work practices, to daily company operations. There are three categories in which awarded companies fall according to size; at thirty-three employees, Nina Hale, Inc. has been honored in the Small Company category.  (more…)

Google Glass Explorers Share Their Experiences, Provide Feedback

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Last Saturday, the NHI Google Glass Explorers went to New York City to pick up their Glass. After spending a few quality days playing with Glass, here’s what they had to say about Google’s new wearable technology.


Breaking Glass Ceilings: Five Nina Hale, Inc. Women Shatter the Male Google Glass Stereotype

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Ever since the announcement of Google’s newest innovation, a wearable computer device called Glass, the online community has been captivated and the stereotypes are already starting to develop. In fact, there is already a Tumblr account dedicated to the most prevalent stereotype of the Google Glass wearing males, titled White Men Wearing Google Glass. The question has been posed time and time again: Is anyone other than white males using Google Glass? Well, the five women Glass Explorers from Nina Hale, Inc. are ready to share their experience.


BUZZ Teaser: Do you know what your audience is responding to?

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Digital media testing is a crucial piece in the continued success of digital advertising. With digital media testing, you are able to discover what your target audience responds to best. Testing a variety of tactics and analyzing the data to determine what works and what doesn’t will allow you to refine your media so that you can maximize your business goals. Here are just a few examples of things you can test:

  • Creative: Testing your creative is one of the easiest digital media tests to implement and can drive some of the biggest improvements in your success. Tests you can run in your creative include: running an offer in your copy v. not running an offer, branded copy v. non-branded copy, formal v. informal language, and many more.
  • Audience creation: Testing how you target your audience can help ensure you are reaching the right people. You can test different types of audience creation for the Google Display Network, social media channels and, my personal favorite, remarketing audiences.
  • Landing page: Does your site convert better than a custom landing page? Does a roll out form convert better than a form on the right side bar? Landing page testing can help you determine what converts best on your site.