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Search and Social Marketing Predictions for 2014

By — January 15th, 2014

To celebrate the start of the New Year, the experts at Nina Hale, Inc. identified the biggest and most anticipated digital marketing predictions for 2014. From the rise of channel integration to shifts in social strategy, here is what NHI envisions taking center stage in 2014.

The Year In Search: Top 5 Biggest Search Marketing Changes from 2013

By — December 20th, 2013

In 2013, the Nina Hale, Inc. staff saw many changes in search marketing. Here is our wrap-up of the year, in SEO, content, PPC, analytics, and social media.

When to Start Crying About (Not Provided)

By — November 5th, 2013

The (not provided) Doomsday Clock is inching closer to midnight, here’s what to do in the meantime.

Event Recap: MinneAnalytics,The Life Science Lean-In

By — October 15th, 2013

Nina Hale, Inc., on the Life Science Lean-in Conference, hosted by MinneAnalytics last Friday, 10/11.

Google’s Quest to Make Search Secure: an Increase in “not provided”

By — September 27th, 2013

As Google heightens its search security, keywords increasingly appear as (not provided). How will marketers gain keyword insights in this (not provided) era?

Are the Days of Dark Google Coming to an End?

By — August 12th, 2013

For the past year, digital marketers have struggled with traffic media being misclassified in our reports. Many have referred to this as “Dark Google”.

Education and Analytics in a Big Data World

By — August 2nd, 2013

Big Data and education – how do large companies like IBM and organizations like SOBACO factor into analytics programs?

Google Analytics Segmentation

By — July 17th, 2013

This week, Google introduced various segmentation features for Google Analytics. Here’s what you need to know.

Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting – Beyond Last Click Attribution

By — July 11th, 2013

Every customer journey is unique. Viewing a display ad can instill interest in your brand, even if no clicks occur. Learn how the Multi-Channel Funnels tool can help you capture that interaction to make more informed advertising investments at the macro level, as well as the micro level.

New Excel Add-ins for Marketers

By — June 16th, 2013

This year, Microsoft updated its spreadsheet tool, Excel, with add-ins making it more functional for its users. Data captured doesn’t do any good for marketers if it can’t be interpreted quickly and efficiently. These add-ins can help you harness the power of your data quickly and save time.

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