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The Internet of Things: How Data Drives the Digital World

By — August 19th, 2015

As technology continues to improve, it feels like everyday another regular object in your home becomes “smart.” Translation? The Internet of Things is finally coming to life, and in the not-too-distant future will drastically shift how we approach everything from grocery […]

3 Lessons from MinneAnalytics’ FARCon

By — August 17th, 2015

This past Wednesday, the Nina Hale, Inc. analytics department went to FARCon, a conference hosted by MinneAnalytics. It was a day jam-packed with seminars about everything analytics, specifically focusing on the financial and retail industries. Though there were lessons aplenty from […]

What Makes A Good Analyst? 6 Vital Skills for those in Analytics

By — August 14th, 2015

When it comes to digital marketing, the ability to collect accurate data is critical, but is meaningless without someone to analyze it. What exactly is the role of a Digital Analyst? What’s the difference between someone who knows their stuff and […]

5 Ways to Customize Your Google Analytics Account in 5 Minutes

By — June 16th, 2015

Nowadays, setting up the ideal Google Analytics account is more than just getting the data into the interface – over time,  Google has added some hidden features in the Admin section that offer a variety of customizations. Here are five […]

The Importance of a Measurement Strategy

By — May 22nd, 2015

When considering analytics as a part of your marketing strategy, we tend to think of the technical side of things – the configuration of Google Analytics, the implementation of a tag management system, and so on. However, before beginning any […]

Google Fiber Takes Programmatic to TV

By — March 27th, 2015

Google Fiber is bringing programmatic advertising to television. What does this mean for the future of broadcast advertising?. 

Digital Marketing Year in Review: Analytics

By — December 19th, 2014

In 2014, new features in Google Analytics and the rise of Google Tag Manager changed the way we measure websites, making analytics configuration more accessible to analysts and increasing the quality and quantity of data we are able to collect. […]

content analytics and data

Content Analytics and Data for Non-Numbers People

By — November 14th, 2014

Sometimes I Feel Like Teen Talk Barbie in a World of Hermiones “Math class is tough!” That’s what Barbie said when I was a kid. Yes, when Teen Talk Barbie came out, her creators came under fire for encouraging girls […]

Get an Inside Look at the New Google Tag Manager

By — October 23rd, 2014

Google Tag Manager has a fancy new interface that will roll out for all users along with their accounts and containers in January 2015. This new version of the tool, which includes name changes and new functionalities, is currently available for beta testing at tagmanager.google.com. Read on for an insider look!

Twitter Efficiency Analysis: Diving Into Social Data

By — September 11th, 2014

Learn how smart marketers maximize social media engagement on Twitter without breaking the bank.

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