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New Team Member, Kathy Litt

By — September 11th, 2012

Nina Hale Inc is proud to announce another great addition to their team. Kathy Litt joins NHI as a Senior Search Marketing Manager. Kathy has over 10 years of Digital Marketing experience, beginning her career at FindLaw and later moving onto MLT Vacations as their Search Marketing Manager, overseeing organic and paid search strategy.

More about Kathy: 

What is your educational background?

Columbia College – Chicago, focusing on Creative Writing & Film for 1 year, then to UW Madison – BA English, focusing on News Reporting and Dance.

What lead you to Search Marketing?

With a background in writing, I really enjoy the technical art of working with keywords and ad copy. Just like understanding what drives people to be engaged in a piece of writing, I enjoy finding what keywords and ad copy capture an audience best.

What are some of your hobbies/ What do you do in your free time?

My favorite hobbies are anything involving nature and being outdoors… camping, skiing, being on a lake or in an ocean, and watching and studying wildlife – I’m truly humbled by their acute senses to survive and live on this planet. I also enjoy reading or writing in my backyard hammock or one hanging at camp or at the beach overlooking a large body of water.

What’s you favorite part about NHI thus far?

So many great things! The co-workers are impeccable. My window view is enchanting. The European coffee is awesome. Spending rush hour on a train with my head phones and then walking along a creek to and from home as my new rush hour utopia.

What’s your favorite aspect of living in MN? And your least?

I like that we never have to be rationed water at restaurants or in our yards. It’s reassuring to know our natural resources are healthy, as well as beautiful. The disabling factors of winter; suffocating myself in layers of down, wool, and fleece, the noise your feet and tires make on ice when its 50 below wind-chill, frozen nose hairs.

Favorite local restaurant?

Quangs – best Vietnamese in town!

Do you have a favorite band?

Anything played or that could have potentially been played at Woodstock.

What special qualities are you bringing to NHI?

I’m detailed oriented and meticulous, and I enjoy great challenges to figure out solutions.

Welcome to the team, Kathy! 

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