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Here's our latest research, thought leadership, and industry updates.

User-generated content 2016

User-Generated Content 2016: Best Practices

By — August 26th, 2016

User-generated content has become a major industry buzzword, and for good reason. Read why marketers should consider this in their content strategy at the agency blog.

Google Interstitial

Google Warns of Intrusive, Mobile Interstitials

By — August 24th, 2016

Google announced that on January 10, 2017, it will penalize mobile sites where content is not easily accessible to users through its mobile search results. Learn more from NHI’s VP of Media Tami McBrady at the agency blog.

Pinterest Updates 2016

5 Pinterest Updates Marketers Need to Know

By — August 23rd, 2016

With five significant Pinterest updates in 2016, what do marketers need know? Learn more at the agency blog!

Content Marketing Award

‘Best Content Strategy’ Category Winner | Content Marketing Institute

By — August 17th, 2016

NHI and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota are the 2016 Content Marketing Awards category winner for Best Content Strategy!

expanded text ads

Google AdWords’ Expanded Text Ads

By — August 10th, 2016

What do digital marketers need to know about Google’s expanded text ads? Vice President of Media Tami McBrady explains at the agency blog.

top google analytics metrics

Olympic-Level Google Analytics Metrics

By — August 5th, 2016

With the 2016 Games on the horizon, NHI thought we would share a few top performing metrics and dimensions. By reaching for gold, NHI hopes marketers can find deeper and more meaningful insights in Google Analytics data.

instagram stories

Instagram Takes Major Swipe at Snapchat, Announces Instagram Stories

By — August 3rd, 2016

Instagram announced a new feature called Instagram Stories. Find out what marketers need to know at the agency blog.

youtube video advertising

Why Utilize YouTube Video Advertising?

By — July 28th, 2016

YouTube is the clear leader in video right now. Learn about the different video advertising opportunities at the agency blog

Pokémon GO: Setting the Stage for Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing

By — July 22nd, 2016

Since its launch in July of 2016, the application has become a critical and cultural phenomenon. How have brands capitalized on the augmented reality capabilities? Learn more at the agency blog.

blog categories and tags

Blog Categories and Tags: What’s the Difference?

By — July 17th, 2016

What are blog categories and tags, and do they matter for SEO? NHI’s Katie Pennell breaks down the differences and recommends best practices to improve engagement at the agency blog.

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