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Top Takeaways – Blog Planning and Execution – PubCon Las Vegas 2012

By — October 23rd, 2012

At PubCon Las Vegas 2012, I attended the Blog Planning and Execution session. The session was a behind the scene look at what it takes to manage a major blog – with focus on content creation, content schedule, and overall content strategy. The speakers included: Melissa Fach – Managing Editor of Search Engine Journal, Jennifer Slegg – President of JenSense, and Kerry Jones – Community Manager of Blue Glass Interactive.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session based on the description. I hoped to learn more about content strategy and ideas about content creation. But, I walked away with much more information. Individually, each speaker provided different expertise on the topic, but as a whole, the group provided some core fundamentals that can be applied to almost any blog. Below are my top takeaways. 

Establish Goals for a Purpose: 

  • Educate and inform
  • Be a resource – provide usable information
  • Target multiple audiences
  • Create posts that will bring long-term traffic

Assign an Editor (or 2) Whom:

  • Love the blog like it’s their own
  • Defines direction for clear growth
  • Encourages staff members to blog about topics they are interested in and passionate about – posts are resources that reflects the minds of our team
  • Maintains an editorial/content calendar
  • Assigns articles based on keywords research, trends, brainstorming (with staff) and inspiration
  • Reviews all posts prior to publishing for compliance; checks for copyright infringement and identifies internal and external linking opportunities

Content and Topic Guidelines:

  • Be clear, concise, and sharp
  • If your goal is to be a leader, you have to say no to mediocre content
  • Showcase what you do
  • Dig deep in analytics
  • Be original, unique, and diverse
  • Provide value and research thoroughly – how to articles and guides are more valuable than theory alone
  • Content for beginners to advanced; guides, tutorials, and terms – 101 style

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