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“Nina does a great job of not only keeping up with the trends, but also identifying ways to leverage these trends to benefit our business. It’s that combination of web savvy and business applications that sets Nina apart.” — Chuck Trierweiler, Chief Marketing Officer, EVP Education Corporation of America

Nina Hale

Founder & CEO

Nina HaleWith over 20 years experience in marketing, Nina has spent the past 12 dedicated to eMarketing and specifically Search Engine Marketing. Nina Hale was named an Industry Leader by the Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal “Women in Business” 2012 feature that highlights women who are at the forefront of their industries.

Nina holds an M.B.A. from The Carlson School of Management in Marketing and Customer Service Operations, and a B.A. from Brown University in American Cultural Studies. Nina is individually certified in Advanced Search and in Reporting in Google AdWords, and has been certified in Google Analytics (GAIQ). She is available for, and has assisted in successful legal action as an expert witness on Search Engine Marketing.

Passionate about Search and analytics-driven performance media, Nina opened her agency in 2005 as a solo consultancy that soon grew. In the late ’80′s, Nina started her career in computer animation production and traditional radio advertising.  She shifted to eComm and online media in the late 90′s, and developed a strong background in eComm merchandising, email marketing, and interactive strategy.

Proud of her geeky past, Nina boasts that she spent much of 1984 in her parents’ basement chatting on prototype social networks via a coupler modem. Nina lives in Uptown Minneapolis with husband Dylan Hicks and their son Jackson. She dreams of desert islands with no wi-fi, and says she would give up her cell phone before giving up her Kindle.

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