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Google Analytics Remarketing Announced

Last week, Google Analytics announced its new Remarketing lists. To create a new remarketing list, you need to go into your Admin and click the Remarketing tab. Here you can create as many different remarketing lists as you want without having to create a new code for each list since it uses your current Google Analytics code to track the visits. You can then pull these lists into your AdWords account to create remarketing campaigns. Your Google Analytics and your Google AdWords accounts need to be linked to import the Analytics remarketing lists. 

When you’re creating your remarketing lists, you can create the following types of lists:

  • All visitors to your site
  • Visitors who visit a specific page on your site
  • Visitors who completed a specific goal
  • Visitors who match the criteria of a visitor segment

Creating your remarketing list around visitor segments allows you to target audiences based performance metrics (ex: visitors who visited more than three pages but did not convert). Visitor segments are built the same way as advanced segments. You can create filters based on important metrics, such as revenue, event actions, or engagement metrics, to segment your audience so that you only show ads to the visitors who completed the actions you deem most valuable. Unfortunately, while the Google Analytics Help pages explains how you can use visitor segments as remarketing lists by selecting the Create my own remarketing type using Visitor Segments, the current Remarketing Types only include the predetermined lists (see image below). Hopefully this is just a temporary issue since Visitor Segments would be the most interesting way to test different remarketing strategies.

Google Analytics Remarketing Interface

For more information on remarketing targeting strategies and all things Google Analytics remarketing, visit the Analytics remarketing overview. 

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