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2012 Olympics – Links to 12 Official Websites, Hashtags and Apps

By — July 26th, 2012



Bob Costas became the lead announcer for the Olympics in 1992 when cell phones were large, bulky and SLOW and expensive. (all have improved, with the exception of the expense – unlimited data plans are ridiculous!).

Jump ahead 20 years, and they’ve become must have accessories for approximately 83% of American adults – of which approximately 50-53% own smart phones according to the Pew Internet Project & Nielsen.  Smart phone adoption rate since the last summer games in ’08 has been astronomical – it’s up from just 19% in 2009!

This will be the first time the games can be real time in the palm of the hands of over half the US population.

Here’s a quick list of official links to bookmark, follow or download (quick!) to keep up on the results from each event:

Important Websites







Twitter Hashtags & Feeds









http://www.nbcolympics.com/on-the-go/index.html  (there are 3 available!!)


Like many, I will become absorbed in Olympic mayhem come Friday.  I will be watching the opening ceremonies for sure (can anything top Beijing?), and following old favorites like Phelps & the Williams sisters and watching the newest Olympians take the podium.  No longer do I have to wait for Bob Costas to give me the highlights after the evening news.  My iPhone and iPad are all I need.   Now, if only Twitter can keep up…



How do you plan on following your favorite events & athletes?  Have you found any good ones to add to this list?

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