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“We have seen a significant increase in our sales that goes beyond the first click. This is an increase that we can tie back to the search campaigns run by our partners at Nina Hale, Inc.” — John Schroeder, Retail Business Intelligence Manager, Room & Board

Google Analytics launches real-time reporting.

If you are like us, you probably use a metrics package like Google Analytics for your month to month and year over year reports and a secondary tool like Chartbeat to tell you who’s on your site at any given moment. In the next few weeks, Google will be launching their own real-time reporting tool that might make tools like Chartbeat unnecessary. Google just announced real time reports– a series of new reports that illustrate what’s happening on the site as it occurs. Most reports on the current version of Analytics have a delay of several hours and some reports only update daily.

The real time reporting feature will track immediate the impact of online interaction, providing a minute-by-minute analysis of site performance. One big impact this will have is the ability to measure the effect of social media on site traffic.  For instance, if we posted a link to this article on Facebook at the same time the article was published, we would be able to see the visits from links back our site instantly.

The real-time data will also enable users to ensure their ad campaigns are setup correctly  and allow for quick fixes to links to be made as they are noticed.

The form for requesting early access is open to anyone, and we look forward to our own access to this new report soon!

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