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“We have found the team at Nina Hale Inc to be insightful, talented and fun to work with. They are great partners who guide us to make strategic PPC and SEO decisions that positively impact our bottom line.” — Dianna Bauer, Senior Media Coordinator, Room & Board

New Hire Questionnaire: Jason Douglas

Nina Hale Inc is thrilled to welcome Jason Douglas, Search Marketing Manager, to our Search Marketing team. As a social media wiz, an Argyle Friday supporter, and with years of experience in the industry Jason has a lot to bring to the NHI team. Learn more about Jason in his own words.

What lead you to search marketing?
I was the President of the American Marketing Association St. Cloud Chapter (AMA-SCSU) when a guest spoke to the chapter about search marketing. Something clicked during that presentation. Nine months later, I was working within search marketing.

Favorite local restaurant?
The Lyndale Tap, Moto-I, and Fogo de Chao.

Biggest social media snafu to date?
Being mistaken as a spammer and getting banned from Facebook Chat for a couple days. Search “Facebook chat ban” and read about my experience.

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