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Archive for April, 2011

Activities While Using Smartphones

By — April 27th, 2011

Real stats (and our commentary) on surfing the internet on smart phones (when do you do this?)

Google Boost – Location-based Ads for Local Businesses

By — April 18th, 2011

Google has released a new geo-sensitive ad product designed for local businesses called Google Boost. But how exactly is Boost different from a Google Places listing or AdWords?

Growing Twitter Followers by Using Google AdWords

By — April 7th, 2011

After the Tsunami in Japan, we used Google AdWords to grow the list of Twitter followers for Ploughshares, a Pro Bono client.

New Google Analytics Version – Our Initial Thoughts

By — April 5th, 2011

We’ve been enjoying the beta of the new version of Google Analytics. Some thoughts & screen shots…

Google’s New +1 Button: Word of Mouth Google-Style

By — April 1st, 2011

Learn all about the newest Google update: the +1 Button.

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