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Google Local Beta Brings Sponsored Results to Maps

Just when you thought you had gotten used to recent changes at Google Local Business Center & maps, they throw a little bomb at you.

What you see below is an example of this bomb—a sponsored site creeping into what was formerly a space reserved for organic map results only.

Their intentions are clear—to draw in the $29 billion pool of small businesses that may feel overwhelmed and overbid in today’s online landscape by offering a $25/month enhanced listing that shows up with organic search results. People with a local business account can choose and alternate between seven ways to promote their enhanced listing: photos, videos, link to site, coupons, directions, menu and reservations.

 Google Enhanced Listing


The problem has always been how to tap into such a wide base of small businesses that historically doesn’t spend much money in online advertising while making it profitable. A problem companies like Dex and Yellow Pages continue to struggle with.

Google began cracking this shell last year by offering a way to measure the results of the Local Business Center, making it really easy for small businesses to see how many people are getting directions to their store, printing a coupon, or clicking through.

Right now this is only available in Houston and San Jose, but expect that this will grow as Google continues on its quest: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Click here to read the original New York Times article.

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