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“Accidental Workplace Nudity” and Other Weird Searches

By — February 17th, 2011

As a search engine marketing firm, the staff at Nina Hale Inc sees some strange and often hilarious search queries while working on client accounts. We’ve gathered the best of these searches for round two of “Weird Searches on Google.”  Enjoy — we did.

These are real searches that people conducted on Google from April, 2010 – January, 2011.

  • accidental workplace nudity
  • which alcohol can kill you
  • why does corn come out whole
  • a bunch of crap
  • a fake story about a shopping mall
  • why does she hate me
  • cat in my pants
  • how to wear a wool packer hat
  • where did they get the furniture from Tron Legacy
  • fruit privacy filter

Runners Up and Some Explanations

  • Minneapolis is in different states, also what are they?
  • what’s up with bernie mcbain
  • a good looking soldier
  • I need to order a yearbook!
  • waxing tin pants
    Explanation: Filson sells “tin” pants that require waxing
  • buffalo-breeding herd in partnership with their son, Jim
    Explanation: A direct quote from an article on Congressman Bob Beauprez
  • accidental adult
    Explanation: A book titled “The Accidental  Adult: Essays and Advice for the Reluctantly Responsible and Marginally Mature” by Colin Sokolowski
  • solar system plagued again by thieves
    Explanation: The title of an article discussing vandalism at the McCarthy Observatory in Cincinnati, OH
  • bar lost eyes attack
    Explanation: A woman lost her eye in a bar fight with her boyfriend — he threw a drink at her, glass and all
  • gun lock pick
    Explanation: There is a tool called the ‘lock pick gun’
  • bon jovi wine in Minnesota
    Explanation: Jon Bon Jovi does in fact have a wine
  • Ivan the drunk
    Explanation: An Off the Leash play called “Ivan the Drunk and His Terrible Tale of Woe”
  • This is the future, I’m John Gordon
    Explanation: Jon Gordon hosts a tech segment on MPR called “Future Tense”

Come back every few months for more weird or funny searches we’ve seen.

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